Permits may be required to import and/or transport Tilapia into your state. We urge you to contact your state's Fish and Wildlife authority, to understand the rules applied to Tilapia. Below, you may find some helpful information, regarding your state. We will continue to update the information, to the best of our abilities.

In addition to your state's requirements and/or transport fees, NW Tilapia is required to obtain an Oregon transport permit. This is required for all shipments within Oregon and leaving Oregon. The fee is $12.

Please follow the following steps, to ordering your Tilapia.

  1. Check with your state's restrictions and permit requirements (if any).
  2. Apply for your state's transport permit (if required)
  3. When you have received your state's transport permit (or if no state transport permit is required) then send us an email, stating the following information:
    1. Full Name
    2. Address (to where the fish will be kept)
    3. Telephone number
    4. Quantity and Variety of fish desired.
  4. We will apply for Oregon's transport permit, and inform you when we can ship (or local shipments may be picked up).


State Permit Req'd Cost Available links Notes
$12 ODFW Rules for Personal Use of Tilapia NW Tilapia will obtain obtain the Oregon permits
$50 For additional information, contact John Kerwin (Wash. Dept. Fish and Wildlife) at 360-902-2681



For customers who cannot pick up the fish, we offer UPS overnight shipping. We only ship 1/2" to 1" fingerlings via UPS. Freight rates are below.

50 Qty 100-200 Qty 200+