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Welcome to the NW Tilapia Store!

You'll find all the products you need to set up your own Aquaponic or Aquaculture System.  We are adding products weekly, so continue to check back with us.  Also, we offer 6 months, same as cash, through Paypal.  All you need is a Paypal account and to qualify for the financing. 


Along with our goal of providing top quality Tilapia and Aquaculture or Aquaponic equipment to our customers at competitive prices, we strive to make your purchasing experience a delight.  From breed selection to shipping notifications, we attempt to offer all the information you need to ensure you are getting what you expect.  If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know.


NW Tilapia has been involved in a rigorous selective breeding program, to insure our customers receive a quality of Tilapia that is healthy, fast growing, and disease resistant.  Additionally, we don't follow the standards of feeding practice that most hatcheries do.  Most all hatcheries feed their Tilapia fry a dry blend powdered food...only.  At NW Tilapia, the extra care we put into our feeding program, allows the Tilapia a well rounded, healthy diet.  This diet includes spirulina algae, live brine shrimp (high protein), high grade dry blend, and other vegetative sources.  Since we have gone to this method of nourishment of our fry, we (along with our customers) have noticed a more lively, faster growing, and disease resistant fish.  Most all customers, who acquire their fry from us, keep coming back, for those reasons.  And, with our genetics improvements through our selective breeding program, things will only get better!

Prior to purchasing our Tilapia fingerlings, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the procedure for ordering by clicking on the link "Ordering Your Tilapia".  Additional information on receiving and caring for your Tilapia is located below and at the bottom of our website pages.



If your goal is to setup or purchase an aquaponics or aquaculture system, we have plenty of additional information for you to view.  Here are some links to the more popular articles.

The aquaponics systems, designed by NW Tilapia, is the result of years of trials and improvement.  Guaranteed to minimize the maintenance requirements of an aquaponics system, our customers can spend their time enjoying the fish production and vegetable growing aspects of the project, while not being overwhelmed with the need for maintaining water quality and cleaning media beds.  We hear about many failed attempts or lost interest in an aquaponics project, due to false information or claims made by individuals with a lack of knowledge.  Simply put, if your goal is to 1) achieve raising a large quantity of fish in a relatively small body of water (ie. 1 lb of fish per 1 gallon of water), 2) be profitable (not costing you more than what you would pay for it in the supermarket), 3) not need to commit your entire work day to maintaining the system...then compare our system components with that of the one you have in mind to build or purchase.  Keep in mind that, if you are in an area that will require you to heat the water, total system water volume vs. total system production capability is a profit margin decider.  In our own early experiences, you will not achieve profitability with a IBC tote fish tank system, unless you live in a tropical region or have a free source of heat.

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