Receiving Your Tilapia

Package Pre-inspection

Please attempt to be present, when your fish are delivered.  Upon delivery, inspect the box for any physical damage.  If there is the slightest of damage to the box (ie. a hole, looks as if it may have been droped), then ask the UPS driver's permission to inspect the contents.  Upon inspection, if you find any of the fish deceased, ask the UPS driver to make note of the damage in their receiver log.  A photo of the damaged box, will also be beneficial.  This will greatly help our attempts to make a claim with UPS for their mistreatment of the shipment, which is a growing concern, and seems to be increasing in occurrence.  Otherwise, if everything looks in tact, then proceed to open the box at your very earliest convenience.  If any of the fish are dead or dieing (due to fault of UPS or our own), immediately send us an email (or call us), stating the details of the loss. 



The water temperature we keep our fingerlings at is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  This does not mean that the fish will arrive to you at that temperature.  The fingerlings should be acclimated to both the water temperature of your water, as well as your water quality.  To acclimate them to your system's water, we recommend the following procedure. 

  1. Open the top of the bag by removing the tie(s) that fasten the bag closed. 
  2. Place the bag in your tank's water, however do not allow the water contents or the fish, out of the bag.
  3. Observe how much water is in the bag. 
  4. Allow 1-2 cups of fresh water, from your tank, to enter the bag of fish.  Repeat this every 30 seconds, until the amount of water in the bag had doubled to what was originally in the bag. 
  5. Once the above steps are complete (the water in the bag contains at least 50% water from their new environment), release the fish, along with the water in the bag, into their new environment. 

As a note, we do not recommend the traditional way of acclimating fish, by way of placing the bag of fish in the new environment's water for an extended length of time.  This is because the Tilapia fingerlings you have received, have been in the bag for over 24 hours.  The water quality may be degraded or quickly degrading, and time is of the essence.

We wish you success with raising your Tilapia to maturity.  For additional Tilapia raising information, please read Caring For Your Tilapia.

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