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NW Tilapia, its assets, inventory, and commercial aquaponics greenhouse is being offered for sale.

NW Tilapia is a prominent supplier of high quality production strain tilapia fingerlings.  Our selective breeding methods have proven successfull in developing a fast growing Nile tilapia.  Along with our Tilapia fingerling production capabililities, we have a commercial greenhouse, containing a raft bed and rafts for production of 810 heads of lettuce.  The lettuce production may be substituted with any other form of greens or herbs.  Below is a partial list of assets.

Greenhouse Structure (20' x 95')
Raft Bed (Lumber, Pond Liner, Stakes)
Filtration System
Fish Rearing Tanks
Breeding Facility
Breeding tanks
Filtration System
Sump and Pump
Breeding Tilapia Strains
Pureline Nile Mixed Sex
Pureline Nile All Male Offspring (YY Breeding Males)
Red Nile Mixed Sex
Red Nile All Male Offspring (YY Breeding Males)
White Nile Mixed Sex
Hatchery Room
Filtration System, UV Sterilizer
Tanks, Fittings, Plumbing
Air Pump
Company Name and Website
Special Pricing Distributorships
System Design Manufacturing Plans
Vendor / Supplier Information


Total Price: $50,000

The operations must be moved to your location.  For a detailed list of assets and inclusions, call Jim at (503) 519-4837. 



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