White Nile Tilapia Mixed Sex

White Nile Tilapia Mixed Sex
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The White Nile Tilapia was introduced originally as the "Rocky Mountain White" Tilapia.  Although it is a hybrid between the Nile and Blue Tilapia, it has been accepted into the Nile class of Tilapia.  It is widely grown due to its very light flesh and tolerance of lower temperatures.  Our own experience with this species has shown it has a tolerance to colder water (in comparison to the Pureline and Red Nile Tilapia) of 7-10°F.

NW Tilapia has been involved in a rigorous selective breeding program, to ensure our customers receive a quality of Tilapia that is healthy, fast growing, and disease resistant.  Additionally, we don't follow the standards of feeding practice that most hatcheries do.  Most all hatcheries feed their Tilapia fry a dry blend powdered food...only.  At NW Tilapia, the extra care we put into our feeding program allows the Tilapia a well-rounded, healthy diet.  This diet includes spirulina algae, live brine shrimp (high protein), high-grade dry blend, and other vegetative sources.  Since we have gone to this method of nourishment of our fry, we (along with our customers) have noticed a more lively, faster growing, and disease-resistant fish.  Most all customers, who acquire their fry from us, keep coming back, for those reasons.  And, with our genetics improvements through our selective breeding program, things will only get better!


Minimum order quantity of 50.

Discount Pricing Levels:

The base price for fingerlings is $.75 each.  This is for the 1/2" to 1" size.  The discount levels are calculated based on the base price.  For 1" to 2" size fingerlings, the added price is $.10, which is not discounted with volume orders.

  • 10% Discount: 250-499
  • 25% Discount: 500 - 999
  • 40% Discount: 1000 - 1999
  • 60% Discount: 2000+


We only offer UPS Overnight shipping. 


NW Tilapia is located in Oregon, a state which considers Tilapia an invasive species.  Thus, it is required to obtain a transport permit for all shipments leaving our facility.  After an order is received, NW Tilapia will apply for the permit.  Permit approval usually takes 24-48 hours for any out-of-state shipments.  For local Oregon residents, this process could take 1 day to 2 weeks.  The cost of the Transport License is $13 and it will be added to your invoice at the time of checkout.  We do not charge anything extra for administration fees. 

Before ordering your Tilapia, please read the following articles to make sure you aware of the requirements and conditions of ordering.

  1. Terms & Conditions
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