Aquaponic & Aquaculture Systems

Our expertise, in the field of Aquaponics and Aquaculture, has become valuable to the continuation of producing quality fish, vegetables and herbs. Due to the overwhelming request to help others design, manufacture, and maintain their systems, we offer various packages, semi-assembled, to help our customers get running in the quickest possible timeframe.

Many individuals, who begin to expore the adventures of aquaponics, are attracted to economics of do-it-yourself systems. We encourage everyone to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of various system designs. Click here to view our pros and cons list of several system components.

Customized Systems (300 Gallons or More)

For the individuals who desire to set up a production based system, we have the components that can be the foundation of your aquaponics or aquaculture system. Call us to discuss your production requirements, and we will give you a quote based on your needs. Base components includes growout tanks, effluent settling tanks, biofiltration tanks, water and air pumps, and plumbing components. To read more on our production systems, click one of the following links.

Aquaponic Systems

Aquaculture Systems